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Clinician to Commander
Class Date(s) Thursday, Feb 29 2024 8:00AM-11:00AM  
Class# 24C2C2  

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From Clinician to Commander: An Introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Incident Command is aimed to teach EMS professionals proper techniques and implementation of incident command. Incident Command Systems (ICS) are most commonly practiced in fire departments. As a result of this, there are not many EMS-specific ICS classes offered and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)/paramedics are left to interpret the gray area of how to correlate the two together. The simple implementation of incident command at emergency scenes can dictate how the rest of the incident will go. As EMTs/paramedics, we are taught to be clinicians, not commanders. This presentation is aimed to close that gap, so EMS professionals can be aware of when and, more importantly, how to properly command an emergency incident.




Identify Challenges


Define ICS


Explain Why We Do it


Correlate PGH EMS and ICS


Show Different Outlooks


Identify When to Establish Command


Identify Different Types of Command


Explain Different Interactions On Scene


Analyze Radio Reports


Exercise Initial Management


Know Resources Available


Explain MCI Response


Describe Triage Group Supervisor/Responsibilities


Describe Treatment Group Supervisor/Responsibilities


Describe Transport Group Supervisor/Responsibilities


Describe Staging Area Manager/Responsibilities


Explain Usage of Tactical Worksheets/ICS Forms


Show Examples


Show Visual Exercises


Participate in Classroom Scenarios




This course is designed to provide EMS professionals with the education to run an emergency incident as an incident commander. The presentation adheres to the NIMS guidelines, but in a street-smart manner. The strategies and tactics of incident command vary with the type of calls that we respond to. EMS is often forgotten in most cases. The purpose of this course is to close the gap with incident command as related to the EMS field.


Target Audience


Anyone who responds to emergency incidents where ICS can be utilized. A "clinician" can quickly become a "commander" of a high-risk, low-frequency incident where ICS can be exercised.


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